Big Decisions Happen Early

Code offers building code and zoning consulting in addition to expediting services with regards to the building laws of the City of New York for the design, construction and real estate community. Working in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, Code processes applications through various city agencies, focusing on the Department of Buildings, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and the Department of Transportation. Projects include retail installations, corporate office renovation, residential renovation, bulk enlargement, conversions, and new building construction.

In the beginning, it is inexpensive and easy to make significant design changes in order to arrive at a compliant solution. How does CODE fit into the construction process? 


CODE works hand-in-hand with developers, owners, and architects to advise on zoning and building code regulations. The addition of a penthouse, conversion or a manufacturing building to residential, or ground up construction is analyzed for compliance with all city regulations. This can be an independent process used when evaluating properties, or be incorporated into the filing process. 


Professional's Representative

Whether an apartment renovation, high-end retail, office space, or a 40-story New Building, CODE assigns each a dedicated project manager to shepherd the application through the filing process. We are well versed with the filing requirements and processes at the Department of Buildings, Landmarks Presentation Commission, Department of Transportation, Fire Department or New York, Department of Consumer Affairs, Transit Authority, and the Department of Parks and Rec.

Asbestos Investigation 

The renovation of any building constructed prior to April 1, 1987, is required to be tested for the presence of asbestos in the area the work is to occur. CODE is able to send inspectors to obtain samples of suspected asbestos containing material (ACM) and have them sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.