Whether an apartment renovation, high-end retail, office space, or a 40-story New Building, Code assigns each a dedicated project manager to shepherd the application from design through construction to completion. We are well versed with the filing requirements and processes at the Department of Buildings, Landmarks Presentation Commission, Department of Transportation, Fire Department or New York, Department of Consumer Affairs, Transit Authority, and the Department of Parks and Rec. 

The Department requires agencies conducting business with the Department of NYC Development Hub to register, complete a 16 or 36 hour course, pass a background check, and provide the necessary documentation to obtain a Department-issued Identification Card which grants them access to the Departments services and resources.


Our  expediters are all Class 1 Filing Representatives that, combined, have decades of experience at the Department of Buildings and are able to submit, present, coordinate, and represent your project in a professional manner throughout every step required with DOB clerks, examiners, officials, and commissioners.   

Filing Representatives

Each one of our Project Managers have degrees and professional backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and construction. As Class 2 Code and Zoning Representatives, our team is prepared to appear before and attend appointments with plan examiners or departments technical staff seeking construction document approvals. Class 2 Code and Zoning Representatives are also registered to present, submit, furnish applications or construction documents, and remove documents from the Department. 


After an application is approved, a permit is required to begin construction. CODE works closely with architects, contractors, developers, management companies, property owners to update insurances, obtain required licenses and submit all required items necessary for the issuance or the renewal of a permit.